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Mmmmm yummmm a heaping pile of steamed vegetables..... *puke*.

Vegetables need to be dressed up for most meat eaters to like them - fortunately this is easy.

Leafy Greens[]

Most leafy greens can be wilted until cooked. You can wilt the greens in a pot with some already sweated and translucent onions in oil or butter. Another idea is hot oil and minced garlic (just lightly brown the garlic - burnt garlic is not tasty). Put in some liquid to keep the greens wet if you have too.

Spinach could use a little tomato sauce (a dollop) at the end because spinach can be salty when cooked.

Cabbage and Brussels Sprouts[]

Cabbage and sprouts can be shredded and sauteed in hot oil to put a nice sear on them. These caramelize well. You can then add a little water and steam them till done.


Sautee a minced onion in hot oil till translucent. Add some sliced or diced zucchini. Cook over low medium mostly covered until the zucchini looses it's stiffness. Salt and pepper to taste. You might want to add a little butter at the end.


Most vegetables can be made tastier with either a vinaigrette dressing (like cabbage or sprouts) or a white sauce (broccoli, cauliflower,zucchini, or anything else).


Saute some chopped bacon or ham in the oil before cooking the vegetables in it. You can use less seasoning salt when you do this.