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All cast iron skillets are the same, don't waste your money on a more expensive brand or antique items. Iron is iron, unless you're lining a bomb shelter. If anyone tells you that one brand of iron is better than another, that person is a dummy/

Lodge is a good value brand you can get from Walmart. You will have to reseason it though. recommends Griswold:

My impression is that general consensus to get the best cast iron skillet is to buy a Griswold cast iron skillet from ebay (try for a number 10 cast iron skillet for about $35 plus shipping). The other techniques are just too much work or add too much frustration.

In general, used cast iron cookware seems to be just as good as new. [add links to reddit discussions if any]


[the hows and whys]

Care and Handling[]

The easiest way to keep a clean cast iron skillet is to make pan sauces in it after cooking protein. The process of deglazing removes the sticky bits.

When the cooking is done - scrub the pan with hot water and remove all food from the pan. Dry the pan, and then take a small drop of cooking oil and wipe the cooking area with a paper towel and oil. This prevents rust.

Do not use soap on a cast iron skillet. If you can't scrub off bits - boil water in the skillet to blast off really tough food particles.